The Meaning of Work: Is work still 'work' if we are not being paid for it?

Tony Payne; Phillip Jensen
April 30, 2024

Tony Payne and Phillip Jensen discuss the theological purposes of work.

"TP: The way we manage the economy and the trading and the doing of work for one another almost always is different within the family than outside. But it's still work.

PJ: Yes, it's the same activities, the same amount of sweat on the brow.

TP: So if you think about it in those terms, that work is the instrumental activity we do for the sake of meeting our needs and our family's needs and the needs of others, it helps us to think about work afresh, or in a more theological way. Because all those different forms of work really are done in light of two bigger principles or theologies. The first one is: work is done before God and for his glory, and he has prepared all these works for us to do that benefit other people. We do ‘good works’ so that people will see them and give glory to our Father in heaven. For example the bondservant works heartily as for the Lord, even when he's not being watched, because he is serving the Lord Jesus Christ. 

PJ: Yes exactly. And I can hear the second one coming, which is: loving your neighbour."

Image : Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

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