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November 10, 2021
The Conversation Continues

Be a fly on the wall for a conversation between a pastor, worker and theologian as they discuss the integration of work and faith. Gain encouragement and space for growth with the answers to questions and as they openly interact with the common tensions they feel in the work and faith space.

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November 9, 2021
Why learn and why work?

Work can sometimes feel a bit like a treadmill that just never stops. There is always something new to learn, and we can find ourselves asking 'Why bother?' The Christian worldview provides good reasons to keep working and learning. Find inspiration from Peter Adam's paper.

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October 20, 2021
The Eleventh Hour with Engage Work Faith - S1 Ep2

Darren and Craig chat with Bob Beaumont on the topic of prayer. Bob talks about his own growth in prayer and gives practical ideas to keep from being overwhelmed with the needs to pray for. Duration: 23mins

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October 12, 2021
Praying Bible-Enriched Prayers

Notes from Peter Adam along with examples to pray Bible enriched prayers

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October 11, 2021
The Eleventh Hour with Engage Work Faith - S1 Ep1

Darren and Cheryl introduce Engage Work Faith's new podcast - The Eleventh Hour. Why the name? and what can we expect from these podcasts.

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October 6, 2021
We’re all Talking – But is Anybody Listening?

Conversations on Social Media can escalate quickly and often everyone is misunderstood. As Christians, how can we engage with the conversation and not get wrapped up in heated exchanges? Emma Wilkins gives some ideas on how to do this in a godly way.

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September 29, 2021
Hospital Hesitancy: Aaron's Story

The Eleventh Hour with Engage Work Faith - S1 Ep9 Aaron used to hate hospitals, now works in the medical field around hospitals almost daily, but has peace when he walks into the hospital. Find out how his faith gives him that peace and also motivates they way he works and interacts with colleagues. Duration: […]

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September 22, 2021
7 Tips for Sharing Your Faith

Sharing your faith is part of the Christian life, and is often something we do on our own. grow your ideas with these 7 tips to share your faith well.

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September 21, 2021
Our Problem with Menial Labour

In the west, we often value paid work over unpaid, including work at home. God says something different. Jessica Kong unpacks what part of the Bible says about work at home.

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September 9, 2021
What If We Take Gentleness to Work?

Some of the attributes that Christians are to live, can be difficult in the workplace. John Pletcher unpacks how it is possible to live gentleness at work.

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August 24, 2021
Helping doubters doubt their doubts

Good foundations are critical to a life well lived. So often Christians are on the back foot defending their foundations, instead of taking the front foot to gently help doubters question their own. The person who follows Jesus has unexpected resources to share with workplace friends but often hesitates to try. This highly practical talk […]

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July 28, 2021
Work and Rest

In this podcast, Tim Keller offers his reflections on why people can’t rest .. highlighting the difference between physical rest and deep soul rest and where that comes from. 

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