This devotion is part of a series by Mark D. Roberts who works for the Fuller’s Max De Pree Center for Leadership.

"Scripture has much to say about the importance of what’s inside of us. In the Bible, we discover how we can do inner work in a distinctively Christian way, and how this work isn’t just ours, but is something God does in and with us. For now, however, I want to answer the “Should we be doing inner work?” question with a resounding “Yes.” Though God certainly cares about what we do with our lives and the fruit they produce, there’s no question that God cares deeply about our inner lives, what the Bible regularly refers to as our hearts. Through the gospels, Jesus invites us to join him in the inner work he’s already begun to do in us."

 A Biblical Guide to Inner Work.

Image : Photo by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash

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