Work, Rest, and Play

Uli Chi
April 25, 2024

In this article Dr Uli Chi gives insight into the importance of a work/life balance. In a world where expectations of productivity and achievement are high, our to-do lists can become endless. Dr Chi's article helps consider the theology behind work and recognises the God-given value of sabbath rest.

"As important as work is, work isn’t meant to define us. To say it more precisely, work should be an expression of our identity, not a means through which we “earn” our identity. The problem with restless work is that our work soon becomes who we are. God’s original Sabbath command—taking one day off a week to rest—was given to God’s people who were used to working 24/7. There were no “days off” for slaves in Egypt (or, for that matter, in the ancient world more generally). Today, we don’t think of ourselves as slaves to our work, but is working 24/7 really that much different? Ironically, we now do voluntarily what Israel was coerced to do long ago. The pay and working conditions are no doubt better, but our identities are distorted all the same. We become what we do."

Image: Photo by Christophe Hautier on Unsplash

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