Two Truths and a Lie about Being a Working Mom

Laura Wifler
August 11, 2023

Author, Laura Wilfer, writes from her own experience as a working mother with three children and examines the challenge of "being available" for the family as well as meeting the demands and expectations of work.

"At a women’s event I attended, someone asked the panel how to find balance as a working mom. One of the panelists got out of her chair and stood on one foot. She bent and rocked, her arms splayed out as she sought to keep one foot in the air. One moment she’d have it, then the next her body swayed like wheat on a windy day. “You see this?” she said. “I’m trying to find balance, but I’m always looking for it. I’m always readjusting.” It’s a vivid picture I’ve never forgotten. 

I believe there are a handful of golden questions in motherhood and “How do I find balance?” is one of them. Yet, it’s as elusive as predicting what your toddler will want to eat for dinner. The reality of life east of Eden means that no matter how we order our days—what we put on our to-do list, what systems we set in place, what things we add or let go of—we won’t perfectly meet our self-imposed mark."

image: Photo by ergonofis on Unsplash

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