The Clash of Civilisations

Max Jeganathan, David Fawcett, Stephen Mullighan, Natasha Moore
November 8, 2022


The current crisis in Ukraine may be half a world away, but is it more relevant to us than it might first appear? More than just a foreign war, the Russia-Ukraine war represents a clash of ideals that underpin the way humankind sees itself. While this isn't the first war of its kind, it comes at a time when modern civilisation finds itself searching for answers amidst uncertainty and volatility.

How important is freedom in the utopian project of human flourishing? Where do we source our ideals as communities and countries? Would we fight for them if they were threatened? Watch the panel of experts with a provoking discussion that seeks to make sense of the big issues by tackling the big questions.

A Summary of the state of our world

Max Jeganathan kicks off with a summary of the state of the world and the source of all our civilisations problems in 15 minutes!

A Cup Half Full

The cost of living and the cost of principles

The Clash Within

Sleeping under the shade of peace - what does that mean for us?


Great opportunity or insoluble problem?

Further Reading

Natasha Moore’s book ‘The Pleasures of Pessimism’ asks the question; is the best response in the face of clashing civilisations, squabbles over response to climate change, or pointless Twitter battles to assume a cynical, apocalyptic outcome? What are the pleasures – and also the perils – of pervading pessimistic outlook on the future? At only 80 pages long, even the least book-wormish among us can tackle this one and discuss over coffee and cake at your favourite venue.

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