Book Review - Working without Wilting

Craig Broman
February 20, 2024

Book by Jago Wynne

The book is really a compilation of 10 years of seeing where the Bible speaks into the environment of London workers. At a time of soul searching about the economy, leadership & a bleak global future, Christians need to know why they work and how to be faithful ambassadors for Christ in their workplaces.

He aims to help Christians NOT wilt in their faith at work from start to finish. Who is it for?

  • Brilliant tips for those starting a job
  • Great encouragement for those in the middle of their worklife
  • And great advice for those about to step off the work treadmill

It’s not the book to find a comprehensive doctrine of work. However, it brings the Bible to bear on a huge range of real life work scenarios. As a pastor, it clarified for me that my church members’ workplaces, not our church, was often the frontline for evangelism. My job on the backline was to equip them for that critical place of mission and witness.

Craig Broman - Craig is the Chief Engagement Lead of Engage Work Faith. He has been a practitioner in workplace ministry for over 14 years and a minister in the Anglican Church for just shy of 30. Craig is married to Merle with two adult children, both married. The context of so many of God’s interactions with people in the Bible is work. It is the anvil on which discipleship and character is forged, it is equally the place where Christian faith can be observed and accessed at close range by skeptics. Craig believes work is absolutely central to God’s unfolding plans from the outset of creation to the culmination of world history. In his spare time, Craig dabbles in horticulture, trying to keep fit and enjoying long walks with Merle for a local coffee. 

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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