Last year saw workplaces adapt to changes we could never have predicted. Where does our view of work come from? Can it sustain us through an ever-changing work landscape? God has a unique take on work, that is hopeful and ultimately practical.

Our speakers will look at the origins of work and challenge our assumptions, grasping God’s breath taking vision for work. Dive into a range of topics that drill down on practical scenarios. Enjoy brunch connecting with other workers in leafy surrounds.


$65 - Single ticket
$45 - Starting work in 2021 or searching for work - take advantage of the discounted ticket


8:30amRegistrations & Coffee Cart
9.00amWelcome & Speakers
1. Painting the big picture - Matthew Gray
2. Assumptions of our work ethics/origins - Simon Hill
3. The Bible's story of Work - Craig Broman
4. Work and Church: Some tangible examples - Matthew Gray
11.05amMaking it Practical
1. Church workers and leaders - Matthew Gray
2. Workers with faith - Craig Broman & Simon Hill
1. Juggling Mission & Work - Craig Broman
2. Christian Identity Reframing Work - Simon Hill
3. Putting work into your church - Matthew Gray
12.05pmQ&A Panel - Matthew, Simon & Craig