We’ve brought together a few of our faithful foundation donors, who have invested in this ministry from the very beginning.

They have taken yet another step of faith and have agreed to match every donation made in June, up to the value of $75,000. For them, it is a chance to join with others, to be generous in our giving and to create a momentum and legacy of faith for our state.

How it Works

Every donation you give to Engage Work Faith in June, will be automatically doubled thanks to a group of faithful donors who have agreed to match every gift, dollar for dollar.
So, a $100 gift, 
will be automatically matched with $100 from our faithful donors, 
meaning we’ve raised $200 to reach our state.

Your Impact

Your donations will be directly helping people like Phil, Heidi, Jane and Susan.
Phil was going through a tough time, family wise and missing his kids. He had a few Christians friends speaking into his life. Through these connections, he became invested in understanding more about the Bible and prayer. Phil has since started going to a community church and is walking a journey towards Christian faith. Pray for workers like this who in an understated way, are discovering Jesus in the busyness of work.
Heidi came to the Reframe conference earlier this year - "Too often my prayer life had turned into me going through a ‘wish list’ sprinkled with moments of praise, adoration and thanksgiving. Reframe: Prayer came with a timely reminder that the heart of prayer is knowing God. I now have a heightened desire to meet with God in prayer. Being reminded that; prayer is God inviting me into the conversation that the Father, Son and Spirit are having, has impacted my desire and approach in a positive way. What a joy and privilege it is to pray!" - 

Ask God to help Christians prioritize prayer as the engine room for transforming South Australian workplaces.
Jane put out an email to her fellow shift workers in medical care to see if there might be any other Christians who would like to pray for their organisation. To her amazement, 10 people responded and in May they had their first Zoom prayer group. Pray for an awareness and deep conviction amongst Christians to start up missional prayer groups in workplaces all across SA- especially for new groups to start in regional SA.
Susan buys multiple tickets for our public square events before she has even invited her work colleagues, let alone had them confirm they will come. Such is her generosity and expectation that God will be at work in her friends.
Praise God for stories like these, and we look forward to sharing more life-changing stories this coming year.

Let’s never underestimate the impact of one conversation, one invitation, one story told.

Let’s continue to pray that the seeds we plant today will bring a harvest over the years to come, please consider making a donation to Reach SA today.