Practical Tips for the Corporate Mom Life (guest post by Causha Jolly)

Causha Jolly; Heather MacFadyen
September 6, 2023

Further to the Corporate Working Moms podcast, this article provides handy suggestions for managing the work/life balance challenge, such as how to get dinner on the table...or

"How do you balance sports/extra-curricular activities?

For this season in life we found our family works best with one sport at a time.  Ultimately this means each child has a practice during the week and then a game on the weekends.  Anything that we can do at school/after-school programs are always great as it helps to simplify.  This is one of those areas where I wish there was a magic button as sometimes I feel like the boys are missing out on great experiences, may fall behind their friends, or not be as advanced.  It can be difficult to remember that this is right for our family and it is okay for them and us to do one thing so we can all have balance and time together.  I know things will change over time and we will need to keep re-evaluating each season of what is right for us."

Image : Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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