In a world overwhelmed by the demands of work, “Bluey” reminds us of the ethical importance of play

Max Jeganathan
April 24, 2024

In an outcome driven world, we have become time-poor, notes Max Jeganathan. He writes,

"Long before Dickens warned against the dangers of utilitarianism and Bluey offered an inoculation against it, King David — in the biblical book of Psalms — wrote of the simple fun of smelling freshly cut grass. Then his son — King Solomon — wrote of the importance of diligence. Some years later, their descendant — Jesus — declared the heart of human ethics to be sacrificial love. The three pronouncements form an audacious vision of the good life that seeks to alleviate the Atlassian burden of responsibility, invert the Nietzschean task of conquest and diminish the utilitarian mission of techno-capitalism. 

This is a vision that recognises the simultaneous importance of fun, excellence, and kindness, as well as their indispensability. Millenia later, we are offered a telling reminder of all three from a lovable community of animated dogs."

Image : Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

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