How Much Time Should I Spend Developing Relationships at Work?

Russell Gehrlein
June 22, 2023

The first of two articles discussing the importance of investing in relationships in the workplace.

"When building relationships among our team members at work, how much time is too much?

This is a critical issue in every organization, unless, of course, you run your own company by yourself. Here is the dilemma. Which is more important: the accomplishment of the mission or taking care of people? If we focus on just the mission, we might get our projects done on time and under budget, but at what cost to the team? If we focus exclusively on our people, will we be able to meet the quotas, requirements, and deadlines of bosses, shareholders, and customers? 

It’s somewhat obvious, isn’t it? Don’t we have to take care of both the mission and our team simultaneously, without sacrificing either one? If we lose our people, we can’t do the mission. If we have well-cared-for and deeply connected people, why have them if the mission isn’t done?"

Image: Image: Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The second article in this series can be found here...

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