Global flux has seen workplaces adapting to changes we did not predict we'd need to make. How do you get your foundations right as you build your career in this ever-changing work climate? 

Join acclaimed journalist, Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor for The Australian, for a conversation on our values and ethics in our work life. How do we decide what’s non-negotiable when it comes to our integrity? A panel of young workers with skin in the game will kick off a lively, interactive Q&A following Greg’s talk.

Greg is author of the recent book, ‘God is Good for You: A defence of Christianity in troubled times.’ It’s a plea to not overlook the wealth of Christian values underpinning Western culture.

Join a live online event, where your questions matter and will be answered.

Tickets: $12.50 single ticket or $15.00 for multiple attendees on one device.