Exhaustion – The New Midlife Crisis

Rebecca Abbott
June 7, 2023

A timely and helpful look at the common experience of many who are feeling pressured by their daily "to do list " and a reassurance that change is possible.

"Yet the workplace is not the only culprit. Many of us are exhausted because of the expectations of modern parenting. We feel the need to drive our children to every activity and to oversee every assessment and homework task. Dishing up healthy food at every meal and snack is also “required”, as is maintaining a Vogue-styled house. Then there’s the “need” to keep fit and look young, as social media constantly badgers us to be a “fabulous 40-something”. Of course, social media and other technologies are to blame for our digital fatigue as we are now constantly interrupted and “on call”."

Image: Photo by Isabella Fischer on Unsplash

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