Riding the Wave in Uncertain Times

A surfer needs 100% commitment to an oncoming wave.  Any hesitation at the last minute will likely lead to a wipeout!  Adaptation has been the mantra for 18 months but what happens when we move beyond COVID? In the pandemic aftermath, we will still need those skills to handle the oncoming waves of uncertainty. 

Whether it’s an up and down economy, a workplace restructure, team conflict or the struggle to juggle; just like a surfer, will our strategy be to harness the power of the wave and propel us forward without getting swallowed by all the turbulence?  Join us for a lively conversation with  Dr Jenny Brown, Director Emeritus of the Family Systems Institute *.  She has over 35 years clinical experience Whatever your work context, you’ll find Jenny’s advice practical, hopeful and reassuring especially if things are crashing around you.  Consider how to bring your best to life’s key relationships and the untapped resources Christian faith offers.  Ask your questions to a live panel.

$25 per ticket
$45 for two tickets

*Due to border restrictions Jenny will be live streamed to the audience.

Drinks available for purchase & light cocktail food provided

Dr Jenny Brown is the founding director of the Family Systems Institute in Sydney Australia – that has been providing training and clinical services in Bowen family systems approaches since 2004.  She has over 35 years’ clinical experience in child, couple and family health. Her primary clinical and research interest has been in child and adolescent mental health and parent’s involvement in treatment.