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Life Stories

Articles about real people, with real faith
Lewis Allen; Sarah Allen
Struggling in Your Faith? Isolation Isn’t the Answer Read More
Jen Oshman
Truths and Tips for Discipling Teens Read More
Randy Alcorn
Waiting When God Seems Silent Read More
Lament in the Time of Layoffs Read More
Sheridan Voysey
When Life Doesn’t Go to Plan Read More
Sam Allberry
Does Singleness Waste My Sexuality? Read More
Jenny Brown and Craig Foster
Endurance in Ministry Through Family Systems  Read More
Eliot Kern
Ice and Isolation: a Short Article Read More
Dale Chamberlain
Tim Keller on Spiritual Life After Terminal Diagnosis Read More
Katie Faris
How to Handle the “Why” Questions Read More
Lyn McCredden
'Grief can have a chastening effect': in Faith, Hope and Carnage: Nick Cave plumbs religion, creativity and human frailty Read More
The Royal Family Channel
Sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II Read More
Simon Smart
Loneliness and the cost of true community Read More
Queen Elizabeth's faith Read More
Nicola Heath
Australian agronomist Tony Rinaudo is turning African deserts into forests Read More
Simon Smart; Justine Toh; Natasha Moore
Pandemic Fatigue Read More
Jacqueline Isaacs
Carrying On: Examples from the Work of Meg Jay Read More
Jacqueline Isaacs
The Slow Down: The Second Stage of a Quarter-Life Crisis Read More
Jacqueline Isaacs
The First Stage of a Quarter-life Crisis Read More
Brian S. Rosner
5 Myths about Your Personal Identity Read More
Charlie Self
Should I Take a New Job If It Requires Moving? Read More
Happiness is becoming more unaffordable, researchers say. But there are still some things money can't buy Read More
Teena Dare & Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
Seven Ways to Rest Read More
Darren Western
Hospital Hesitancy: Aaron's Story Read More
Craig Broman
Tales from the Attic - Tips for the family surviving being together in lockdown Read More
Nick van Ruth
Resilience at Work Read More
Nabeel Qureshi
Book Title: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity Read More
Micah Ward
I Read the Entire Bible Read More
Miki Perkins
Lonely men lose friends when life gets busy: study Read More
Kirsten Powers
Fox News' Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower Read More