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Articles that particularly relate to today's news and current affairs
Tony Payne
The Myth of the Public Square Read More
Mark A. Clark; Meredith Persily
Remote Working Has Made Developing Relationships With Colleagues Harder --Here's What Workers and Bosses Need Right Now Read More
Astrid H. Kendrick
5 Ways to Create a Compassionate Workplace Culture and Help Workers Recover From Burnout Read More
Kevin Hagino
Who Needs Church When We've Got AI Jesus? Read More
Simon Smart
ChatGPT and the Apocalypse Read More
Sam Wan
A Gentle Christmas and a Realistic New Year Read More
Tony Payne; Phillip Jensen
Is it the season to be jolly? The negatives and positives of Christmas Read More
Anne Lim
Churches Urged to Fill the Mental health Gap Read More
Max Jeganathan, David Fawcett, Stephen Mullighan, Natasha Moore
The Clash of Civilisations Read More
Natasha Moore; Sarah Coakley; Simon Smart
Simon Smart
Loneliness and the cost of true community Read More
Queen Elizabeth's faith Read More
James Galea
The Day I Met the Queen (and what it showed me about the King of Kings) Read More
Anna Kelsey-Sugg and Lindy Raine
Paul Bloom says happiness and suffering are closely connected. If you don't believe it, ask a rock climber Read More
Simon Smart; Justine Toh; Natasha Moore
Pandemic Fatigue Read More
Mark D. Roberts
Prayers for Workers: When You’re Feeling Burned Out Read More
Natasha Moore
When did not coping become the new normal? Read More
Stan Grant
The census shows Australians are becoming less religious but why have we chosen to live without God? Read More
Thinking Faith Asia
So connected, yet why so lonely? Read More
Meredith Van Der Klip
The Day of Small Things Read More
Kara Martin
Women Can Have It All, Just Not at the Same Time Read More
Craig Broman
Prepping to return to the office Read More
Brian S. Rosner
5 Myths about Your Personal Identity Read More
A Pastor who has spent many years serving in Asia
Postcards from Mariupol April 22 Read More
A Holistic Understanding of Creative Goodness in the Workplace Read More
Happiness is becoming more unaffordable, researchers say. But there are still some things money can't buy Read More
Simon Hill
Book Review: Joined-up Life: A Christian Account of How Ethics Works Read More
Daniel Doriani
Book Title: Work: Its Purpose, Dignity, and Transformation Read More
Susan Harris
How do we read? Read More
Christopher Ash
Entering into the Loneliness of Job Read More
Denise Lee Yohn
We’re Not Having A Work Crisis; We’re Facing An Identity Crisis Read More
Teena Dare & Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
Seven Ways to Rest Read More
Max Jeganathan
COP26 and the big climate debate: How can we respond to people with different views? Read More
Tim Chester
How can we achieve a balance between work and rest? Read More
Max Jeganathan
Is COVID-19 changing our brains? Read More
Tim Challies
A Picture of Perfect Rest Read More
Tim Chester
Why am I so busy? Read More
Daniel Ziffer
Work from home is the new normal as employers struggle to make the daily grind work Read More
Max Jeganathan
Politics: Why can't we all just get along? Read More
Jenny Brown
Nurturing ourselves through the mental health crisis Read More
Tom Habib
Breaking the COVID Purity Spiral Read More
Emma Wilkins
We’re all Talking – But is Anybody Listening? Read More
Stephanie Dalzell and Peter Ryan
Working from home likely to stay long after COVID-19 pandemic is over Read More
Max Jeganathan
Remembering 9/11. Where is God in all the suffering? Read More
ABC News Videolab
Want to work four days a week? Read More
Inspired by Rev. Dr. Ashley Null
A Letter to the Mourning Read More
Stephen Liggins
The Olympic Games: Good but not God Read More
Dr Darryl Cross
The Pandemic Tail: It’s called Exhaustion Read More
Brian Rosner
Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety: Four Lessons From Soren Kierkegaard Read More
Wired Insider
AI And The Future Of Work Read More
Richard Bryant
COVID's mental health fallout will last a long time. Here's how we're targeting pandemic depression and anxiety. Read More
Kellie Scott
Signs your colleague is struggling while working from home Read More