About the collection

This library contains a collection of online content in varying formats, arranged in topical categories and created by a range of authors and speakers.

Our prayer is that library members will use our collection to further their literacy on the matters that pertain to faith and the workplace in the 21st century.

Resources within our collection do not always represent the views of the organisation.

Submissions for consideration of inclusion in our library are always welcomed.
Request or suggest an article for inclusion here.

Selection Criteria

The Engage Work Faith Online Library Collection includes content that pertains to:

Work, particularly content discussing;

o   current workplace culture
o   the impact of work on individuals and society
o   strategies for individual and team effectiveness in the workplace

Christian Faith, particularly content discussing;

o    how Christian faith relates to those in today’s workplaces
o    what the Christian Faith is

Biblical Worldview, particularly what the Bible’s perspective is on

o    society
o    workplace
o    the individual
o    culture
o    governance

The collection in this online library is maintained by the Engage Work Faith Library Committee comprising 1 staff member of Engage Work Faith and 2 volunteer members with professional expertise in the areas of records/ document/ collections management.


Policy on use of
copyrighted materials

Engage Work Faith copyright

Engage Work Faith is the copyright holder for many of the materials on this site.   We assert our rights in these.

For these works we are prepared to grant a non-exclusive licence for anyone to use and republish the material under the following conditions:

  1. Engage Work Faith is acknowledged as the copyright holder wherever these materials are published or used.
  2. The materials are use sensitively and with respect to the original intent for which they were created.

Engage Work Faith reserves its right to rescind this non-exclusive licence at any time at its own ultimate discretion.

Other copyrighted materials on this site

We recognise the copyright that may exist for other materials published on this site and have endeavoured, as far as possible, to cite their source. Some materials are from unknown sources and are therefore assumed to be in the broad public domain. For these we have assumed a non-exclusive licence to use as is customary.

Should a copyright holder, whether cited as a source or not, wish to assert their rights in any way they should contact Engage Work Faith with details and we will ensure that the wishes of the lawful  copyright holder are complied with.

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