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Articles that helpfully speak about
the Christian faith
Mark Stephens
Work & the New Creation Read More
Makoto & Haejin Shim Fujimura
Why fighting for justice and creating beauty are basically the same thing Read More
David Mitchell
The Secret of Powerful Prayer Read More
Zachariah M. Carter
Strengthen Your Prayer Life with an Assist from Past Pray-ers Read More
George Buttrick
Hints for How to Pray Read More
Read More
Mark D. Roberts
A Biblical Guide to Inner Work Read More
Jeff Haanen
3 Signs We’ve Made Work an Idol Read More
Charlotte Larcabal; Eric B. Murdock
Ten Symbols of Christmas Read More
Meryl Herr
Advent Isn’t Pretty Read More
Kate Bradford
Listening and Perceiving: Job’s Friends and Pastoral Care Read More
Uli Chi
Work, Rest, and Play Read More
Rosalia Butterfield
10 Things You Should Know About Christian Hospitality Read More
Causha Jolly; Stacey McCabe; Heather McFadyen
Corporate working mums Read More
Joy Clarkson; John Swinton
Accept Love with John Swinton Read More
Jen Oshman
Outward Beauty Cannot Bear the Weight of Being Your Source of Hope Read More
Philip Graham Ryken
Beauty Is in the Eye of the True Beholder Read More
Meryl Herr
Love is Not a “To-Do” List Read More
Chelsea Logan
Resources for Rest Read More
Andrew Moody
Prayer as a Cure for Idolatry Read More
Andy Green
ReFrame: Prayer Read More
Work as Worship Read More
J.A. Medders
A Spiritual Diagnostic Read More
J.A. Medders
What If I Don't Know When I Believed in Christ? Read More
E Training Workshops Read More
Bill Peel; Jerry White
The Most Strategic Mission Field Read More
Don Whitney
Reignite Your Prayer Life Read More
Annie Vanderheiden
Praying the Word: When You’re Headed to Work Read More
Centre for Public Christianity
For the Love of God +- : How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined Read More
Angus Boot
Cultivating Christian Hope Read More
Pete Greig
The Prayer Course Read More
Angus Boot
Confident Parenting Resources Read More
Trevin Wax
My 3 Big Fears in Parenting Teenagers Read More
Pete Greig; Poppy Williams
The Prayer Course Read More
Sam Allberry
Does Singleness Waste My Sexuality? Read More
Gregory Goswell
What Should We Keep in Mind When Considering the Ethics of the Bible? Read More
Brian S. Rosner
Who Do You Belong To? Read More
Neil Shenvi
4 Points of Evidence for the Resurrection Read More
Gregory Goswell; Andreas J. Köstenberger
Was Violence Against the Canaanites a Matter of Racial Prejudice? Read More
Greg Gilbert
The King Who Suffers for His People Read More
Lewis Allen; Sarah Allen
Struggling in Your Faith? Isolation Isn’t the Answer Read More
Erik Raymond
What Jesus Saw When He Looked at Peter after the Rooster Crowed Read More
Anna Grummitt
LENT: Lifehack, or Something More? Read More
Timothy Keller
The Bridge to Prayer Read More
John Mark Comer, Christine Caine, Tim Mackie, Pete Greig
Unceasing Prayer Read More
Tim Challies
The Five Tests of False Doctrine Read More
Scott Hubbard
How to Keep Praying : Four Lessons from the Master Read More
Katie Faris
How to Handle the “Why” Questions Read More
Pete Scazzero
5 Lessons from the Radical Leadership of Jesus Read More
John Piper
25 Christian Books I Love to Recommend Read More
Adam Nesmith
An Easy Way to Do Your Quiet Time Read More
Mark Earngey
It's Advent, Time to Prepare! Read More
Jocelyn Loane
On the Giving of Gifts Read More
John Piper
How Do I Pray the Bible? Read More
Tim Challies
Making the Christian Life More Complicated than it Needs to Be Read More
Justine Toh
Spending Christmas Alone Read More
Adam Ramsey
Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas Read More
Joe Rigney
Do Unto Authors Read More
Jean Williams
How to read a Christian book Read More
Adam Nesmith
D. Eaton
3 Ways to Stay Focused While Praying Read More
The Royal Family Channel
Sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II Read More
J. A. Medders
The First Lesson of Prayer Read More
Simon Smart
Loneliness and the cost of true community Read More
John Piper
The Unbiblical Pursuit of a Trouble-Free Life Read More
Stephen McAlpine
One Last Magnificent Porous Day Read More
Tim Keller
The Cry of Suffering Read More
Tim Keller
Questioning Christianity Read More
Stan Grant
The census shows Australians are becoming less religious but why have we chosen to live without God? Read More
Kara Martin
Women Can Have It All, Just Not at the Same Time Read More
Lindsey Carlson
When You Don't Even Realize How Discouraged You Are Read More
Brian S. Rosner
5 Myths about Your Personal Identity Read More
Peter Adam
Meditation on the Scriptures: The Key to Personal Transformation Read More
Simon Hill
Book Review: Joined-up Life: A Christian Account of How Ethics Works Read More
Tim Keller
Wisdom and Sabbath Rest Read More
Tim Chester
Why am I so busy? Read More
The Bible Project
The Birth of Jesus Read More
The Bible Gateway
The Bible Read More
Sam Allberry
The Stains That No One Sees Read More
Robert Velarde
Is the Bible reliable? Read More
The Gospel Coalition - Australia
Jesus: History's Biggest Hoax? Read More
Falling Plates Read More
Ross Gittins
Jesus the great debt-eliminator Read More
Simon Hill
Free Work! Read More