A Time to Hope : 365 daily devotions from Genesis to Revelation

Naomi Reed
May 31, 2022

Review by Barbara Cooper:

I was fortunate to be gifted this book, and am thoroughly enjoying spending time with Naomi Reed, missionary and author, as she takes me through my daily Bible readings. Her insights into each passage give me a reminder of God's nature, his sovereignty, his grace and his love. I particularly like the way that the book is structured, leading through the Bible, book by book, revealing God's salvation plan for his creation.

"Many of us have favourite Bible verses that we draw comfort from, but we don't always know their context or understand how they fit into the main story arc of the Bible.

Tracing the big picture of God's story through the key themes and events from Genesis to Revelation allows us to see the abundant riches in God's Word. As you read the unfolding story day by day, you can encounter God in all his glorious holiness and faithfulness.

If you have ever struggled to read the Bible from cover to cover, then this devotional will help you find a way into God's big story and help you fall in love with Jesus all over again."

Naomi Reed, A time to hope : 365 daily devotions from Genesis to Revelation (Milton Keynes, UK: Authentic Media Limited, 2020) Back cover.


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