Engaging with Ease

June 8, 2022

Sharing your faith with friends and colleagues is not always easy but it can be done with ease.

Navigating our changing work culture, working from home along with COVID restrictions, can blunt our relational edge.

Getting to know people in an authentic and genuine way will go a long way towards them getting to know Jesus and his people.

Bring together a half table or more and enjoy great company, good food and hear inspiring stories as we launch a brand new approach to Engaging with Ease.

Meet the speaker

Simon Hill

Simon began life on a sheep grazing property in the South East of South Australia. he worked as a Mechanical engineer gaining experience in Belgium and Japan. After his time in Tokyo he moved to Sydney to train as a minister. Simon currently pastors Largs Bay Anglican Church and works with ENGAGE Work Faith one day a week. Simon desires that people come to know God fully and then to see the massive implications (the good news!) of this for us as we fumble around in a broken world.

$55 - Single Ticket
$294 ($49pp) - half table (6 tickets)

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